Modern Impacts

TheĀ  fantastic world we live in is facilitated by one thing that I can safely state as a fact, that is that the world would not be the way it is right now without the internet. If any of you are even attempting to argue with my statement right now in your own heads then I kindly ask you to think very seriously about what your internet connection means to you.

A more serious impact that I think the internet has had on the modern world is the rise of vanity. Now I know that vanity isn’t exactly new and that from time immemorial there’s always been the “ideal look” from the proper gentleman all the way to the caveman with the least pronounced hairy knuckles (okay that last one’s clearly a joke please don’t complain at me for the historical inaccuracy please). But the idea that vanity has gotten to the point where it’s way too accessible of a problem to have is very much something that simply exist for the modern world. Let me explain what I mean by that last statement, I simply mean that vanity used to be a thing you worried about more the more well off you were but for now it seems that vanity is something more people get to worry about. The whole idea of keeping up appearances has kind of gotten to completely ridiculous levels. A teenager probably spends more time not only worrying about how they look but at the same time actively keeping up with the daily lives of people who they have never met and probably will never meet in their lives.

Now people are being more vain, okay now how is that a big deal? Well when you think about the time that people spend on it we can then assume that someone somewhere out there stands to make a profit somehow by exploiting that fact. And indeed we have seen that in the upward trend of multiple industries related to both beauty and fashion. It may seem like an insignificant fact but the ripple effect is a pretty amazing thing when you get to look at it from a far enough perspective.