Natural skincare, an opinion.

Yes, this week I’m going to tackle whether or not the products that come primarily from the earth are better than those we synthetically produce in labs. I’m no hacky sack vegan, so you don’t have to worry to much about me saying that beeswax or animal fat-derived glycerine is murderous. I’m usually pretty chill. But when it comes to the natural vs synthetic debate, I lean pretty heavily to natural.

The question I’ll ask is this: why did scientists and cosmetologists develop synthetic products in the first place? Either you believe that they did it for the greater good, or they did it to make production cheap. I believe the latter. I guess I don’t have a lot of trust for the same generation of people who thought countless amounts of plastic was any good. You see, it feels to me that only recently companies are having to consider their environmental impact on the world, and globalisation has allowed each consumer to have so much choice that big companies are no longer able to sell their terrible products to unknowing customers. The natural movement is the right thing, IMO!

I know retinol, and some chemical exfoliants, are citing as the best reasons for non-natural ingredients, and I suppose there can be some exceptions… except there doesn’t have to be! Bakuchiol is on the rise to overtake retinol, and there are plenty chemical exfoliants which can be derived naturally. One of the things I particularly like about natural ingredient sourcing, is many are biproducts of other industries! Suddenly unwanted fruit skins, or leaves and husks, or whatever, aren’t just waste, or mulch. They can all be used in a positive way. So as long as you do your research into natural skincare and the brand you like, I would always encourage people to let in the power of Mother Nature into their skin.

Now people often say to me, ‘Eric, why are you so passionate about this stuff?’. Well, I like having nice skin! Sue me! And I want to know that the products I use are from plants and animals that god gave us with the intention to use purely.

And no, I’m not some anti-vax science-is-all-fake crazy person either, I am very supportive of research into medicine, green energy, and other things that leave a positive effect on our earth. Science is about moving forward, and somehow sloughing off your skin with a synthetic chemic to look younger sounds like some fad we’re going to look back on one day and cringe at. How old fashioned we’ll say. It’s just so easy to have nice skin without all that unnecessary fuss. That’s the world I want to live in.