First Foray – A Beauty Item Doing Things Differently

Hey folks. As promised I’m going to use this corner of the web as a place for me to trial my ideas for articles.

Up first is an article I’ve written about a new type of beauty item. If you’re not into that then don’t worry, just come back in a few more weeks – I’ll have another post up that might pique your interest a bit more.

If you are into makeup and skincare, then please take a look below and let me know whether you think the article is good enough to be posted at the agency I work for:

Makeup Primer is often an item that woman argue they cannot live without. Despite the fact it wasn’t really a recognised purchasable item a few decades ago, primer has now become one vital component of any woman’s makeup routine.

Used pre-foundation (some people call it foundation’s foundation!) primer literally primes your skin for makeup application. It fills in your pores and adds a gliding gloss to your skin which makes makeup application all the more easier – what a time saver!

applying makeup primer

On top of this, it also moisturises and many of them contain antioxidants and hydratants that are all round really good for your skin.

Despite this, there are some out there that aren’t particularly effective. It all depends on your skin type. Some primers are silicon based, but others are water based – these are our favourite.

Water based primers are better for those with dry and sensitive skin, and also have the added benefit of containing no synthetic silicones.

That’s as far as I’ve got up to. What do you think? Do you think there is anything more I could add to this.

Before writing this I did a fair amount of research and asked my wife to try a handful of primers.

After a good few weeks of testing (believe me she was very thorough) she came to the conclusion that this one was her favourite makeup primer. Water based, good price and awesome packaging – what more could you want!

That’s it for now guys. I’ll have another one up soon.