Difficult buying presents

When I was younger, having a lot of men to buy for at Christmas was, I thought, a blessing. It was all gaming gift cards, socks, booze, drinking card games and other amusing tat. But now, I can see it for what it is… a curse. In their late fourties, doing well financially and preferring afternoons with their families at the park instead of getting pissed down the local pub, they now know exactly what they want and just buy it for themselves. Or their partners beat you to it. In my desperation, after years of this, I admit to considering just tucking a £50 note into an envelope.

It might also just be festive fatigue. Going shopping in December is just an absolute nightmare. People, everywhere! Children, everywhere! I just can’t bring myself to browse when I have to wait in a line just to get through the door. I never actually did follow through with the cash, but I have done a case of their favourite beer, which at the time felt incensere. I even had one of them myself to drink at his insistence!

I decided that this year, with all the extra time indoors to think, I would perfect the art of giving Christmas gifts for him. Obviously, a little googling is all you ever really need to do to get started, but I wanted to help out the local small shops around my town seeing as they’ve had so much struggle. Turns out, small businesses tend to sell crafty, artsy items and not my usual go-to for your average guy. However, it’s 2020 and time to stop assuming that men can’t love things that appeal to the creative side. Furthermore, they are part of this dying earth, and can improve their sustainability just as much as the rest of us! Reusable bags, fruit & veg mesh bags, metal straws, plants! I just feel like kicking myself for not getting to this point sooner. If they’re going to be responsible men with goals and bedtimes and rules, they can damn well make space in their lives for better attitudes surrounding planet earth and our global climate change crisis.

Obviously the other challenging aspect of Christmas is all that damn waste. But this way, at least we’re negating some of the damage and guilt with forward moving.