Deal Breaker: The Moustache

The idea of women being attracted to facial hair is one of those things that everyone has an opinion. Some people believe that facial hair is hottest thing a guy can wear and other people are of the opinion that facial hair is the most horrible thing a guy can do to try and boost his look. There’s also the third faction of people in this argument where facial hair doesn’t really factor in all that much when it comes to a guy’s attractiveness. To clarify that last group don’t necessarily mean having facial hair or not doesn’t matter but their preferences just aren’t dictated by the presence or lack of facial hair. If we’re being honest my opinion is that facial hair should be one of those things that you can make a judgement call on depending on how it looks on the individual in question looks with or without it. There are going to be guys who rock with facial hair and look absolutely horrendous without it and the opposite of course is also true. If you’re sitting there thinking that I’m being way to superficial that’s cool but when it comes to dating I’d probably prefer it if when I look at you I don’t have to fight the urge to look away and hold back a giggle but hey that’s just me.

Here’s something I can with a lot more certainty than just my preferences though and that’s the fact that the moustache by itself is definitely a more acquired taste. Don’t get me wrong it can look good but you have to understand something and that’s the fact that the whole unruly rugged look doesn’t really work as well with just a moustache. Now if you’re really set in sporting that moustache solo I highly HIGHLY recommend you at least style that thing. You can’t just use regular wax either since just like beard hair is different from head so is moustache hair so moustache wax is a must have in this case. And don’t just pick the first moustache wax you can find either because remember that your moustache is placed directly beneath your nose so go for the ones with a mild scent if any at all.