Are you trendy?

Let’s talk about following trends. Over the years, I’ve found myself on both sides of the argument, whether to adapt and change your style and consumables with what’s on trend or being plugged by the rich and famous, or to just do your own thing. Sometimes, as it happens, you end up following a trend before it was cool… If that’s happened to you, I’m sure you’ve had a moment of rage when someone you know assumes you’re only doing it to be cool. Music fans, we know this well.

When it comes to making a decision, I’ll admit I now take it on a case by case basis. For example, when ripped jeans came into fashion, whilst I was tempted, I get unbelievably cold and couldn’t imagine having holes in my pants. I also realised I couldn’t go without shaving through the winter… the hairs would pop right out! When it comes to food, I love when the trends go more towards healthy eating because it makes it easier to make better choices when you’re eating out, but you’ll see me dead before I jump on a diet bandwagon.

Then we come to beauty and cosmetics. I find that whilst the industry is just another trend-following mass of influencers, brands trying to get ahead of the curve, and journalists with varying ranges of relevant knowledge, generally they tend to be on the money in innovation and topical fixes. We’ve seen AHAs come up for a resurgence of popularity, from the wake of the ground-breaking news that physical exfoliators (your scrubs) are actually causing micro tears in your skin and aggravating conditions like acne. Naturally, we need to look for an alternative. Because there are so many specific ingredients within the AHA banner, and more when we introduce BHAs, they don’t just have five minutes of fame before the outlets rush for a new star for their spotlight. Different brands have an opportunity to shine different products, and use the same buzzy word for different outcomes. It makes me quite happy, like we’re getting a little peace in the beauty world.

But the real winner, our trend apex if you will, is hyaluronic acid. This hydrating ingredient has been highlighted in everything from body care, to skin care, lip care, eye care, hair care and makeup, and is it any wonder with rising temperatures? Is it any wonder after we’ve spent a year drying our skin out inside, and now will spend a year in the outdoors as much as possible doing the same? Is it any wonder when it’s such an effective treatment for dry skin, and oily skin? I mean, it’s impressive we didn’t stumble across it sooner. Thankfully, we’re not just on our own with those two fateful words, it comes with the documentation, advice, and reviews that rocket it to safe stardom for the rest of us who don’t have a clue what’s going on! It’s easy to type how to apply hyaluronic acid into google, and get hundreds of hits helping you buy and use the ingredient based on the product. I’ve definitely learned a thing or two!

So, what’s your ripped jeans story? Or perhaps, your hyaluronic acid or AHA? Let me know!