The impact growing facial hair can have on your dating life

We can all probably admit that having a beard can provide a massive ego boost for you as it makes you feel a bit more manly and rugged. If you’re sitting there saying “facial hair doesn’t define your manliness” fair point and good for you. But if you can look at a man with a full well maintained beard and moustache combo and not think “damn I wonder if he wrestles with bears” then you and I aren’t going to be able to see eye to eye.

Guys with beards rejoice for there are studies conducted out there showing that women prefer a man with bit of stubble or a full beard versus clean shaven men. There are also studies that say the exact opposite and claim that women actually prefer clean shaven men. Seems like someone somewhere probably has an agenda but that’s not really all that important. Either way you really shouldn’t rely solely on your facial hair to attract a partner because no matter what school of thought you align with that if you can’t talk to the girl once she’s decided she finds you easy on the eyes.

A good understanding of the dating game is pretty much required if you’ll be wanting to attract women but a more important facet for bearded men to focus on would be the issues you might run into when you are actually already dating someone. The beard can physically hurt, same goes for moustaches, beards can get a little wiry when they longer and even when they barely count as stubble they can prick your special lady friend. That’s just one issue that might come up but a good approach would be to just make sure your beard is in the best shape it could possibly be. Proper beard care can help your beard smell fresh, feel nice and soft (maybe even fluffy), and of course in the event you might want to shave your skin would be smooth and soft as well. If you’re not sure where to start for beard care then you may want to look into beard kits and that’s exactly what it sounds like it’s a kit for beard grooming. There’s no telling what real issues may arise while dating but it helps to be prepared.